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descendant communities and sexual minorities. I personally have learned so much in the course of these mobilisations. One of the most subversive issues that citizens are doing is rejecting the right/left binarism that has so severely affected Latin American societies and that has been used by neoliberal governments as an excuse to repress working people. The prevalence of citizen politics that do not determine with any dogmatic place on the proper/left spectrum meant that the federal government couldn’t establish an ideological enemy and ended up declaring warfare by itself individuals. The example cited above is just one throughout the great chain of worldwide abuses perpetrated by firms together with by the Canadian firm Barrick Gold and the Norwegian state firm Statkraft which proceed to abuse the policies of the Chilean subsidiary state and threaten our planet. That is why we should raise consciousness at a world stage in order that the choices of the Chilean individuals are revered and safety is offered to Indigenous peoples with out blockages or political interventions defending overseas capital and perpetuating the destruction of the environment. The INDH in particular partly misplaced its credibility when its director denied the existence of systematic human rights violations in our nation on an open-air TV programme. That was merely a lie because the institution itself had submitted complaints in the face of arbitrary actions by the police and the army. More than cases of eye mutilations have occurred on account of the excessive use of pellets by the police and there have been quite a few circumstances of mistreatment sexual violence and torture in detention centres. Additionally there was an instance of repression at a college Liceo 7 in Santiago where a carabinero a member of the navy police fired against college students who had been contained in the constructing. There have additionally been raids on personal homes and arrests made out of vehicles with out police identification. These have been the explanation why the movement began however within the face of extreme state repression citizens are actually also demanding the resignation and prosecution of President Piñperiod and all of the individuals involved in the systematic violations of human rights that have

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