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weather change however don’t seem to have the intention to make any change of their country’s predatory financial behaviour. The nations which might be most responsible for climate change and global warming are presently the main detractors of the COP. Right now President Sebastián Piñperiod’s authorities is auctioning off rivers. Piñperiod came into government with a mission to underpin the authorized certainty of water rights possession and his cupboard contains several ministers who own rights to water use essentially the most outstanding of which is the Minister of Agriculture Antonio Walker Prieto. This minister and his family own more than litres per second which is equivalent to the continual water provide utilized by roughly 7 million people. And with the inclusion of Goal in the Sustainable Development Goals inequality has been formally recognised as a constraint to improvement and poverty eradication and an intergovernmental space has been created for international locations to make voluntary commitments and track progress on ending inequality at home and globally. However a binding system and institutional mechanisms overseeing Goal ‘s implementation continues to be missing. It can be inconceivable to sum up all the successes or challenges of the UN in one response given how many issues the UN deals with. Nevertheless one thing I can say is that one of many greatest successes of the UN in its seventy five-yr historical past has been the numerous lives saved through its humanitarian efforts. At its best the UN has acted as a place of refuge a voice that speaks out and defends the rights of all of the people whose rights would otherwise be violated or forgotten. When we mirror upon the roots of the UN the fact that we now have these requirements agreements and norms of how we act and count on others to act is really outstanding. UN peacekeepers have protected individuals seeking safety at their bases and UN humanitarian agencies and their partners have got assist to some of the most difficult to succeed in areas. Fundamental treaties resolutions buildings and frameworks have been agreed and created that defend individuals’s rights and at occasions enable them to participate in processes that have an effect on them together with the Convention Relating

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