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stable, and then let’s elect a female president. Regardless of who wins, I agree that disagreement within the Democratic party is not a healthy thing at all. Knowing what they were up against, Democrats should have united behind one candidate. Sanders supporters, for instance, may not be all that motivated to vote for Biden. However, all is not lost yet for the Democrats. All Democratic voters can still rally behind the Democratic nominee, whom ever he may be, just to beat Trump. But for this to happen, the motivation for a Trump defeat has to be really high. I am sure if Republicans can rally behind Trump in 2016, Democrats too can easily do so this time. I am democrat. The party has gone so far left it’s pushing people out. The article was right the party should Of pushed someone right off the start, that’s not ultra progressive. Donald trump has my vote over Biden. The electoral college prevents 3 counties from determining everything for the other 3138 counties in the USA. Coincidentally, those 3 counties have the highest homeless, crime, and jobless rates in the country. The obvious media blitz against this President and blatant support by democratic leaders & RINO’s for violent protesters, defunding police and keeping Americans out of work has mainstream Americans completely in President Trump’s court. They fight against everything good, which typically means whatever President Trump Supports. The silent majority will gladly reelect President Trump. The democratic party has buried itself. Norpoth’s current prediction is riding on the electoral college and not much else. If he is correct, it will be further evidence to abolish that system which makes “your” vote useless. Not sure the debate. Political scientist who predicted 25 of 27 elections using his model. Whatever you think of Trump. It’s a model that says Trump will win and this guy is usually right. Many are embarrassed to say to others they support Trump so when a pollster calls they say Biden or undecided but the vote Trump on Election Day. I believe this guy. The people that think Trump will lose this election have to be all long time Democrats. Trump is letting the Govs run their states as he should. We can only hope that the Dem voters wake up. Former nyc dem here, I hated Trump and was disgusted when he got in 4 years ago and now I am praying he gets back in and guess what? I personally know LOTS of people like me who feel exactly the same. Trump is far from unpopular despite what you may be seeing. The fact is, many Trump voters, especially new ones know they are putting themselves at risk if they talk about it or admit it so they are Trump supporters in hiding waiting to come out in November. Sane, hardworking people have had enough rioting and destruction and being lectured that they are evil or bad or racist by controlling lunatics that are out there getting media attention and being pushed on us. The destruction and racial unrest

vintage papa knows everything if he doesn’t know shirt

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