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like, “Yeah, wherever,” have I drunk way too much Kool-Aid? But there are countries, as you know, one of my favorites is Denmark, where Danish business first started trying to strengthen civil society and labor because they were desperate, because the society was falling apart, and so they started to work together with government and labor to build a healthy society, and 100 years later, they’re like, “Oh, that was a really good idea. Let’s keep making sure that we maintain that balance.” I caught up with Gore at his hotel in Davos, Switzerland. The restaurant was playing throbbing Euro pop, so we took refuge on a pair of basement couches outside the restrooms. Occasionally, a Davoite dying for a piss would stop in their tracks and whisper a hello or thank you to the former vice president. At 71, Gore is still younger than Donald Trump, Joe Biden, and Bernie Sanders. He has lost none of his passion for climate change, even if he delivers it painlessly in his Tennessee accent. Al Gore has been the Cassandra of the climate crisis seemingly since the times of Cassandra. Starting in Congress more than 40 years ago, he has been ringing the alarm for more than half his life. Gore was back at Davos this week, and his message remained as stark as ever. “I tell people that we don’t have time for despair,” Al Gore says about dealing with the emotional side of the climate crisis. Now I’ll also say that just putting the cows on grass is not gonna solve our problems because guess what, we have severe overgrazing on half or more of all the rangeland in this country today. And when you have overgrazed land, you’ve got invasive species being introduced, you’re gonna be losing soil, you’re gonna be losing carbon dioxide as result of all that. So we have to also incentivize more sustainable or better managed grazing that’s more based on grass productivity and that’s gonna produce the animals, you know, faster and in a more healthy and economically viable way as well. The notion of a sustainable meat production is a sham the film’s claims. Over the next hour we’ll discuss Cowspiracy and other questions about producing food in an era of climate disruption. Joining our live audience at the Commonwealth Club today we’re pleased to have three guests to debate good and bad beef and broader questions about sustainable eating. Kip Andersen is the co-director of Cowspiracy and founder of AUM films and media, a nonprofit focused on promoting thrivability, compassion and harmony for all life. Regardless of which estimate is correct, it is clear that CO2 levels are now higher than they have ever been in mankind’s history. With global CO2 emissions continuing on an upward trajectory that is likely to put CO2 concentrations above 450 ppm or higher, it is extremely unlikely that the steadily rising shape of the Keeling Curve is going to change anytime soon. The last time there was this much carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere, modern humans

political pro america anti biden shirt

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