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X” men . This report explores the factors that have made the 2020 U.S. presidential election potentially dangerous. What are words worth? What difference does a day make? Those are questions that the serious writer asks daily. We ask them because the serious writer must ask, in a personal way, what the effects of the act of writing might be on the people who encounter it as readers—a collective entity the writer cannot see clearly but can only imagine. We ask them because, in so many ways, the act of writing—the screen, the desk, the shaping of horizontal lines of clustered, shaped, filamented black light—is commonly seen as an evasion of action. And we ask them because the serious writer works in deep time, where the relation between actions and effects is hard to discern. An author of a work of long-form nonfiction, say, 50,000 words, may spend a year of reporting and another year of writing in order to produce a text that can be read on a plane flight from New York to San Francisco and then discarded at the end of the jetway. Beginning with the history of democracy and the unique American take on how to implement it, Dismantling Democracy looks at issues such as voter suppression; corruption; culture wars; foreign interference in elections; the tendency to revert to dictatorial/authoritarian powers in times of crises; and effects of the pandemic on the election, among other topics. Third, the president must have long coattails in the accompanying congressional elections, such that the party picks up a significant number of new seats. The message long coattails sends to members of Congress is that the president’s popularity may well affect their own political standing and therefore they’d be well-advised to follow the president’s lead on policy whenever possible. In the plethora of challenges to state election procedures making their way to the U.S. Supreme Court, the specter of Bush v. Gore haunts the judicial landscape. The litigation over Florida’s determinative 2000 vote count resulted in two oral arguments before the highest court in the land, and placed George W. Bush in the Oval Office. With nearly 400 election-related lawsuits filed this year, many over the question of which votes will be counted, a close result on Election Day could once again leave the Supreme Court in a position to issue a ruling that determines who occupies the White House for the next four years. The decision again fell to Congress, whose 15-member commission split along party lines, awarding all 20 votes to Hayes, securing the presidency for him with one electoral vote. Whether a president is moving on to a second term or another experienced politician is taking the helm, time is precious and there is much work to be done. The sooner these individuals can prepare for the next four years, the better for our country. For weeks, Trump has been insisting that the results of the election must be decided on Election Day,

piece be with you political shirt

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