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enormous damage to U.S. democracy and to its power and global influence that would bring, ought to spur far more determined efforts. All 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia have enacted laws that cause electors to be allocated in accordance with the popular vote. Normally, it is up to officials in the state’s executive branch to appoint electors based on the popular vote outcome. But as discussed below, there could be circumstances, potentially relevant in a contested election, in which a state legislature claims the right to claw back that power – eg, because of claims that the vote count has been tainted by fraud. He lost the state by 537 votes, and thus lost the election, even though he won the national popular vote. In 2016, Hillary Clinton’s loss in the Electoral College boiled down to very small losing margins in a handful of closely contested states. The story of Earth First!’s origins has acquired the authority of a creation narrative, and an empowering one. Here is a vivid expression of the breach between political action and direct action, between progressives and radicals, and a winning argument for the latter. Here is a real-world movement inspired by a work of fiction—strong evidence of the power of literary writing to have effects in the world of direct action and, by extension, effects on the planet itself. This year marks the fiftieth anniversary of Earth Day. For this monumental occasion, Paul Elie traces the literary history of the environmental movement from Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring to Pope Francis’s encyclical on the environment. Those raw numbers from the exit polls hide significant variation by race and education. (these numbers are based on the abc exit polls; the NYTimes ones are similar) While 91% of Black women voted for Biden, only 43% of white women did (55% of white women voted for Trump). The Latinx story, with 61% of Latino men and 70% of Latina women voting for Biden is subject to much further analysis of variations within that community. White men college grads were slightly more likely to vote for Biden (50-48) compared to white female college grads (49-50), while white male non-college grads broke more sharply for Trump (67-30), compared to women (60-39). Interestingly, men and women with children were about equally likely to vote for Biden (51/52%) and equally likely to vote for Trump (46%). A fix for this flaw is doubly problematic. First, constitutional amendments are notoriously hard, and any strictly legislative changes in the way electoral votes are allocated would have to be coordinated on a nationwide basis to ensure fairness. But complicating this reality is the fact that the beneficiary of each of the electoral college’s failures has been the same party. Had both Democrats and Republicans been victimized by the process, there would be at least some bipartisan energy to mend the system. But as it is, Republican partisans would have to look past their own

once we are redefining everything now veterans day shirt

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