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popular books of its time, selling over half a million copies. Although the chemical industry decries the book as fiction, claiming that Carson’s findings about pesticides are fabricated – perhaps a foreshadowing of the role corporate profit will play in the ability of the environmental movement to achieve success – a scientific advisory committee verifies the facts. Now, let’s fast forward to the early 1900s. The landscape of the United States had shifted dramatically. Life, as it were, would not have been possible without the Industrial Revolution. Yet, while many were enjoying the luxuries of this new era, something else was happening. As a full blown-industrialized nation, with car prevalence on the rise, the effects of pollution become more apparent. Although there was some wavering between addressing this issue and putting it on the backburner because of public attention to the Great Depression and World War I and II, events continued to occur that made it impossible not to address pollution as a hazard to public health. Sulfur dioxide emissions killed 20 people and hospitalized 600 in 1948 and smog in big cities like New York and Los Angeles killed hundreds of people in the 1950s and 60s. (6.) Support for Nader was low in all groups, too low for meaningful analysis, and varied little among social groups. He received 5 percent or more in the national exit poll only among year-old white men, non-churchgoers, white liberal Independents, and former Perot voters. Bush is credited with a skillful campaign, but this judgment may be nothing more than the halo effect of eventually being the winner. Actually, Bush was criticized for his campaign both at its beginning and when he faced defeat during the recount. Moreover, the exit polls indicated that those who made up their minds later in the campaign were more likely to vote for Gore, despite his defective strategy, than for the presumptively better campaigner, Bush. Overall, in fact, the campaign seemed to have had very little effect. Once the nominating conventions concluded, Bush and Gore were tied at the outset of the active campaign on Labor Day, and they remained tied on the day of the balloting–and beyond. The lack of substantial change is seen in the track or tne polls, in shown in Figure 2. Usually, the preferences of nonvoters are not much different from those who actually cast ballots, but the 2000 election may have been an exception to that rule. CBS News polls immediately before and after the balloting suggested that, if every citizen had actually voted, both the popular and electoral votes would have led to an overwhelming Gore victory. The nonvoters, however, had less information about the election and less confidence in the political system, and they were less likely to see a difference between the parties. The limited impact of economic prosperity is more difficult to explain. Although the public overwhelmingly thought the economy was doing well

feel safe at night sleep with a veteran shirt

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