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and saw the nation as on “the right track” economically, Gore received little or no political advantage from this optimism. Only a fraction thought him better qualified than Bush to maintain the good times. An explanation for this difference is not easy to find. The simplest reason would be issues with particular impact on one sex or another, with abortion the most obvious possibility. But there is almost no difference between men and women on their “pro-choice” or “pro-life” attitudes. Moreover, although attitudes on abortion were mirrored well in the vote, that issue was actually of very little importance in this election campaign. Similar differences could be seen on other issues emphasized during the campaign. To improve education, Bush relied on state programs and testing, while hinting at his support for government vouchers that parents might use for private-school tuition; Gore proposed new federal programs to recruit teachers and rebuild schools. To provide funds for Social Security, Bush proposed that individuals invest part of their tax payments in private investment accounts, while Gore would transfer other governmental funds into the Social Security trust fund. This philosophical difference could be seen even in the most intimate matters, such as teenage pregnancy, where Republicans relied on individual morality, namely, sexual abstinence by adolescents, while Democrats supported sex education programs, which might include distribution of condoms in public schools. The close national division was reflected in some of the states. A shift of merely a quarter of 1 percent of state votes–an infinitesimal national total of 17,000 ballots nationally–would have reversed 55 electoral votes from five states . Only in these close states, particularly Florida, did votes for the minor candidacies of Ralph Nader and Pat Buchanan make a difference–but there they were still an immense influence. That decision ended the presidential contest, and George W. Bush now heads the conservative restoration to power, buttressed by thin party control of both houses of Congress. The election of 2000, however, will not fade. It encapsulates the political forces shaping the United States at the end of the twentieth century. Its controversial results will affect the nation for many years of the new era. As the world grapples with an unprecedented public health crisis that is disproportionately affecting people of color, many observers say that excluding them from leadership is a recipe for failure. For instance, many solutions to natural resource concerns are often experienced as environmental gentrification for communities of color, according to James. Take bike lanes, which are often carved through communities where parking space is scarce and public transportation is minimal. The environmental movement is very white. These leaders want to change that. Tuesday’s results give the country a projected winner as the

fathers day just a proud dad that didn’t raise liberals shirt

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