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win campaign, sorry win campaign means is if it will gather more donors and more money to their nonprofit. But when the reality is all we have to do is not tell people to stop eating meat and dairy, it’s just tell them the information that this is what is being caused. And that’s not being done so that’s very harmful to the planet. Sea levels are increasing today in response to the warming climate, as ice sheets melt and seas expand due to rising temperatures. Scientists are projecting up to 3 feet or more of global sea level rise by 2100, which would put some coastal cities in peril. As we near the record for the highest CO2 concentration in human history — 400 parts per million — climate scientists worry about where we were then, and where we’re rapidly headed now. “It’s really amazing to think, I’m 36 years old, which means my life contains this whole story. I have memories that are more than 30 years old. I remember driving and flying more than 30 years ago, and since I formed those memories, we’ve done more damage to the climate than in all of the centuries, all of the millennia before in human history. That’s a really dispiriting fact to know in terms of how powerful knowledge is, because this is the same period of time since the U.N. established its body, and really advertised to all of the leaders of the world that this was a pressing, dramatic problem. But those 30 years have brought us from a stable climate to the brink of catastrophe, which is where we are now. We have about that much time again to avert some of these worst scenarios — 30 years ahead of us — and that means really, again, it’s not just the story of the first half of that story that’s going to take place in my lifetime. It’s the second half, too. Finally, Robert Stavins notes that his research suggests that environmental regulation plays a small role in a country’s competitive profile. As national economies compete to provide increasing standards of living, the effects of the environment on international competitiveness are still swamped by factors such as openness of markets, tax structures, and physical infrastructures. For individual companies competing head-to-head, however, the environment can matter a great deal. How companies within an industry respond to environmental regulation can produce real, sustainable competitive advantage. We concur with Smart that environmental costs need to be more transparent and internalized in management processes. When companies have information and incentive systems to ensure they incorporate environmental costs in their decisions, the result is well-thought-out environmental strategies that can save them millions of dollars each year and help them to capitalize better on market opportunities. These gains—while never approaching the nirvana of win-win—can translate directly into better value to consumers, greater returns for shareholders, and a more sustainable platform for ongoing


fathers day just a proud dad that didn’t raise liberals camo shirt

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