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The sharp fall in international oil and fuel prices in 4 led to a dramatic decline in revenue in 5 and 6 which was compounded by an unattractive fiscal regime that weighed on activity and income . Revenue from renewable sources increased in absolute terms however remains small at about .5 of GDP. A significant share of water use is exempted from the groundwater tax including domestic use irrigation for agriculture and small water suppliers . Many larger users operate and not using a water abstraction permit and hence do not report and pay for the water they summary. In Jakarta it has been estimated that solely eight of annual groundwater abstraction is reported . The tax is thus unlikely to encourage sustainable groundwater management. Road pricing has elevated with the development of some km of toll roads albeit primarily in Jakarta. As the federal government moves to digital highway pricing variable pricing e.g. linked to congestion and pollution ranges could possibly be thought-about. This would allow charging of upper costs and encourage drivers to modify to different transport modes e.g. public transport when roads are busy or ambient air high quality is above the nationwide or native standard. The government may also contemplate broader congestion pricing in closely congested areas such as central Jakarta . An digital congestion charging system has been under consideration by the Jakarta government and infrastructure development was initiated however implementation has been delayed. In the meantime an odd-even system6 was launched which potentially incentivises rich households to purchase a second car. Since 3 Indonesia has collaborated with the Wealth Accounting and the Valuation of Ecosystem Services global partnership to strengthen increase and facilitate the usage of natural capital accounting in policy making. As part of the partnership a pilot land-use account was done for West Sumatra and a land cowl account for West and East Kalimantan. The authorities has striven to ensure co-ordination among ministries and companies and between authorities levels on green development coverage formulation and implementation e.g. by merging the surroundings and forestry ministries. However it lacks sufficiently effective arrangements. Apart from issue-particular presidential instructions that prescribe roles for individual ministries and sometimes create interagency working

seashell and fern eyes all over printed window curtains 2(3) – Copy

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