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establishing related working group composed of representatives of public authorities, the Ombudsman, the Greek Human Rights Council, NGOs and trade unions to develop a strategy to combat racism and intolerance. Athens had carried out it in response to the recommendations of the Commission supplied in 2015. Respect of the proper to ethnic, cultural and linguistic self-identification of the Muslim population in the Thrace region in north-jap Greece bordering Turkey as well as on a few of the Aegean islands has its particular features. The only officially acknowledged minority (there isn’t any notion of the “national minority” within the Greek legislation) in Greece is the “Muslim” minority, which unites all the representatives of the non-indigenous groups residing in Thrace – Turks, Pomaks, Roma, and so forth., more than a hundred and twenty,000 individuals in total. The Muslims of Kos and Rhodes usually are not formally acknowledged and, not like the Muslim residents of Thrace, wouldn’t have entry to specialized schools. The EU Agency for Fundamental Human Rights reported close to the Committee against Torture that migrants have been returning to Turkey in mass across the Evros River, sometimes being topic to violence. Civil society organizations have published testimonies of people who entered Greece by land from Turkey within the Evros region, some of whom declared that that they had been crushed and compelled to return to Turkey throughout the river of their underwear after their garments had been taken off. In spite of the indicators of financial restoration observed in the final two years, the long-time period disaster has led to an absence of demand for highly qualified personnel, violation of the best to work and, as a result, to a large-scale “mind drain”. Since 2010, about half a million people have left the country; most of them are university graduates, 9 per cent of them with tutorial levels; 28 per cent on the age of 25–30 years and 35 per cent on the age of 30–35 years. In addition to the above-mentioned subjects the worldwide human rights institutions have repeatedly expressed their dissatisfaction with the final state of the Hungarian penitentiary system, the apply of enforcement of punishments, detention situations in places of deprivation of liberty and in remand facilities (prolonged pre-trial detention, overcrowded cells, poor diet and so forth). The vulnerability of the Roma population, significantly in spheres of training, elimination of poverty and unemployment as well as growth of infrastructure of Roma settlements was additionally emphasized in June 2019 by the Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination following consideration of the 18th to 25th periodic reviews on the implementation of the International Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Racial Discrimination and, in March 2018, by the Human Rights Committee following consideration of the sixth periodic report on the implementation of the International

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