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the inquiry will determine what felony justice actions could have to be taken. What’s more, Archbishop Lori, as interim administrator of the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston, final week launched a list of the names of West Virginia Catholic clergy who’ve been “credibly accused” of sexual abuse of minors. Michael Bransfield was not on that list, despite having been accused of abusing a minor in 2012. South Carolina’s high Catholics have delayed the public naming of of monks credibly accused of sexual abuse of minors. The Rosetta Stone is an historic artifact that, once found, allowed researchers to decipher Egyptian hieroglyphics that had previously been unintelligible. With the release, final week, of information about Catholic priests “credibly accused” of kid intercourse abuse in Texas, many Catholic faithful doubtless skilled a “Rosetta Stone Moment” of their struggles to make sense of the sketchy and piecemeal information with which they had been introduced. The pope’s representative in Britain, archbishop Edward Adams, has been accused of “cowering behind his diplomatic immunity” for not offering essential evidence to the child sexual abuse inquiry. Nearly every week after the Catholic Diocese of Baton Rouge launched the names of clergy members who have confronted credible accusations of sexual abuse involving children, the town is still processing the surprising details of some accusations. The Archdiocese of San Antonio has launched a listing of fifty five clergy credibly accused of sexual abuse. We believe that every single day a predator’s name stays hidden, victims proceed to suffer and kids remain in danger. Bishop Robert E. Guglielmone can and will immediately reveal, today, these monks who have already been deemed “credibly accused” of wounding kids. Then, days, weeks, months, or even years later, he can add to that record. That is what a loving and caring shepherd would do to guard his flock. Two of Pennsylvania’s most outstanding voices for victims of kid sexual abuse plan to be in Vatican City and Rome when presidents of the Catholic bishops’ conferences of the world meet with Pope Francis later this month. First, the heads of the bishops’ conferences shall be given a “catechesis” in child abuse. They will, in other phrases, be instructed within the nature and consequences of sexual abuse the best way the Catechism of the Roman Catholic Church lays out church doctrine. Well, certain. If anyone imagines that a four-day meeting on the Vatican will put an finish to all sexual abuse by priests and others in responsible positions in the church, they need to be disabused. Back on December 9, for instance, Crux’s John Allen wrote a column headlined “A actuality check on expectations for February child abuse summit.” Or take my RNS colleague Tom Reese, who stuck in the needle a few weeks in the past with “Five Reasons the pope’s clergy sex abuse assembly will fail.” Ouch. The Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests urged Guglielmone to instantly

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