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that we now have made an unthinkable proposition. We might defend our speculation as passionately as we like, but after we attempt coolly to comprehend it in thought we find ourselves baulked at every step. There appears to be a sure sort of rigorous logical consistency on this daring speculation; but really the propositions of which it consists are so removed from answering to something inside the domain of human experience that we’re unable to tell whether or not any considered one of them logically follows from its predecessor or not. It is evident that we’re fairly out of the area of scientific checks, and to whatever view our authors may urge we can only languidly assent that it is out of our energy to disprove it. Pursuing this teleological argument, it is suggested that perhaps this apparent waste of power is “solely an arrangement in virtue of which our universe retains up a reminiscence of the previous on the expense of the current, inasmuch as all memory consists in an investiture of present assets to be able to maintain a hold upon the past.” Recourse is had to the ingenious argument in which Mr. Babbage showed that “if we had power to comply with and detect the minutest results of any disturbance, each particle of current matter have to be a register of all that has occurred. The monitor of each canoe, of each vessel that has yet disturbed the floor of the ocean, whether or not impelled by guide pressure or elemental energy, remains endlessly registered in the future movement of all succeeding particles which may occupy its place. The furrow which is left is, indeed, instantly stuffed up by the closing waters; but they draw after them other and bigger parts of the encircling component, and these once more, once moved, talk movement to others in infinite succession.” In like method, “the air itself is one huge library, on whose pages are forever written all that man has ever said and even whispered. There of their mutable but unerring characters, combined with the earliest as well as the newest sighs of mortality, stand endlessly recorded vows unredeemed, promises unfulfilled, perpetuating in the united actions of each particle the testimony of man’s changeful will.” 6 In some such way as this, data of every motion that takes place on the earth are each moment transmitted, with the velocity of sunshine, by way of the invisible ocean of ether with which the world is surrounded. Even the molecular displacements which occur in our brains after we really feel and suppose are thus propagated of their results into the unseen world. The world of ether is thus regarded by our authors as in some type the obverse or complement of the world of sensible matter, in order that whatever power is dissipated in the one is by the identical act accumulated in the other. It is just like the unfavorable plate in photography, the place light solutions to shadow and shadow to light. Or, still higher, it is like the case of an equation in which whatever amount you’re taking from one side is added to the other with a opposite

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