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socially built-in? The link between poverty and social help in different welfare regimes. Journal of European Social Policy, 18, 133–150. Bilecen, B., & Barglowski, K. . On the assemblages of informal and formal transnational social safety. Population, Space and Place, 21, 203–214. This thematic concern aims to give attention to the relational dimensions of social inclusion. Personal networks, i.e., the sets of social relationships surrounding individuals (McCarty, Lubbers, Vacca, & Molina, 2019; Perry, Pescosolido, & Borgatti, 2018), give detailed insight into individuals’ participation in the primary and secondary networks of society (Fischer, 1982; Wellman, 1979) and are a source of informal social safety for other areas of life (Bilecen & Barglowski, 2014). Deem, R., Ho Mok, K., & Lucas, L. . Transforming larger education in whose image? Exploring the idea of the ‘world-class’ college in Europe and Asia. Higher Education Policy, 21, 83–97. All continents have significant Indigenous populations that are persevering with to experience the longstanding results of colonisation on their socio-cultural practices of sexual and gender identification with distinctive experiences of SEWB given these broader historic patterns of colonisation. While there’s a growing physique of analysis in white settler societies such as Australia, New Zealand and North America, there is a dearth of research across Central and Southern Americas, Asia, Africa, Scandinavia, Russia and Siberia. The purpose of this thematic concern is to herald dialogue analysis emerging throughout the globe somewhat than concentrate on a specific area of colonisation corresponding to white settler societies, as this typically dominates the little literature that exists. The goal of this thematic issue is to contribute to a better understanding of inequalities and spatial segregation as a multi-domain process, about its drivers and penalties, and the way segregation may be passed from era to era. We take residential segregation and housing differences as our place to begin and hope to increase it to analysing how segregation is transmitted over the generations, how it’s connected to inequalities and segregation at colleges, labour market. and across the full activity house individuals. Inequalities and segregation in several life domains are connected by social networks, digital house and in transport. However, social networks and transport also can act as a mean of lowering inequalities and segregation and facilitate social inclusion. With our plurithematic points we supposed to draw the eye of researchers, policy-makers, scientists and most people to a number of the topics of highest relevance. Scholars excited about visitor editing a thematic concern of Social Inclusion are kindly invited to contact the Editorial Office of the journal (si@cogitatiopress.com). Social Inclusion is a quarterly peer-reviewed open access journal, which offers academics and coverage-makers with a forum to discuss and promote a more socially inclusive society. 22 Intersex individuals (variety of

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