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of millions of niches, that’s, into more and more smaller subaudiences. What is obvious is that although we’re consuming media in new and different ways, our ranges of consumption are at an all-time high. Global media consumption rose 1.4% from 2014 to 2015, pushed by a 27.7% improve in mobile media utilization. Across the globe, folks average 177 minutes of tv a day, accounting for forty one% of their media engagement . The typical American spends 10 hours and 39 minutes of display time a day . The common American teen spends greater than nine hours a day engaged simultaneously with many different screens, media multitasking throughout the TV set, the computer, video video games, and handheld units . You can see teenagers’ day by day exercise throughout all media in Figure 1. We watch eight billion movies daily on Facebook in addition to the 5 billion a day we watch on YouTube . This does not include the a hundred million hours a day of Netflix movies and TV shows streamed by its 87 million worldwide subscribers or all the viewing by millions of people that watch on their online game consoles or any of the growing number of other video services like HBO Now, CBS All Access, Roku, Amazon Prime, Sling TV, Hulu, and a rating extra. And that decline in DVD gross sales and leases mentioned earlier? It’s being made up by electronic promote-through , the shopping for of digital obtain movies that yearly brings studios more than $1.6 billion in new revenue . In reality, Americans are watching more movies, listening to extra music, reading more typically, enjoying extra video video games, consuming extra news, and accessing the Internet extra often than ever earlier than; they are simply doing it in new and other ways. For media industries, these information offer excellent news—readers, viewers, and listeners are on the market in ever-increasing numbers, they usually value the mass communication experience. These information additionally supply excellent news for literate media consumers—their consumption decisions will form the media panorama to come and, inevitably, the mass communication course of itself. Media industries face a variety of challenges that promise to alter their relationship with their audiences. Concentration of media possession and conglomeration can constrict the quantity and number of voices out there to audiences. Those audiences have gotten fragmented, doubtlessly making it more difficult for media organizations to reach them. Globalization not solely fragments the audience much more, however it can also make it less profitable for a media firm to tailor its fare for its own homeland. Hypercommercialization may allow those corporations to earn extra revenue, however at what price to an audience awash in commercials? And fueling all this alteration is convergence—the erosion of conventional distinctions among media. As we have already seen, content usually related to onePage 34 medium is kind of more

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