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Lyrical Ballads. According to Bailes, Wordsworth’s distinction between the feeling-based mostly stance of the poet and the detached angle of the “Man of Science” tends “to de-legitimize women’s versifications of pure history, consciously reclaiming poetry as a extra strictly imaginative, masculine vocation” . As she herself factors out, nonetheless, the science that Wordsworth opposes to poetry is the disciplined, more and more compartmentalised and slim-minded science of “the Chemist, the Botanist, or Mineralogist” qtd. forty five. By distinction, the pure historical past conceived by Aikin and Barbauld constitutes a wide and open field that might easily accommodate aesthetic practices corresponding to portray and poetry. In short, Wordsworth and Barbauld seem to argue from different notions of “science,” one narrow and the other broad. Is it right, then, to say that Barbauld merely “qualifies” the use of science “in verse” whereas Wordsworth “precludes” it ? Frankly, I am not so positive. Barbauld’s “The Caterpillar,” for instance, is said to unify the zoologists’s interest within the minute particulars of an organism with the poet’s commitment to “imaginative pleasure” and “moral sentiment” . This poem would probably not strike most modern readers as “scientific,” a time period that Bailes uses in a very broad sense. Yet in accordance with Bailes, it shows how ladies might do science on their own phrases. While remaining, sometimes quite deliberately, outdoors of the rising institutions of scientific training reserved for men, they may nonetheless participate in the world of natural history. A case in point is the work of Anna Letitia Barbauld, which is discussed in the first chapter. While appropriating natural history for poetic functions, Barbauld additionally clearly separated her educational prose, primarily addressed to kids, from her poetic verse, which she designed primarily “to please” . In some measure, therefore, she deviated from her younger brother John Aikin, whose Essay on the Application of Natural History to Poetry influentially proposed that natural historical past could be used to reinvigorate poetry. In distinction to Aikin, who even quoted considered one of her poems for instance his argument, Barbauld cautioned that excessive use of novel, unfamiliar, or summary scientific info in poetry could impede the experience of poetic delight. As Bailes suggests, Barbauld’s means of merging poetry and pure history while highlighting their differences represents, last however not least, an attempt to stipulate a specifically feminine strategy to poetic originality. . But sadly, the CLT strategy has also been proved to have disastrous impact in the outcome of ELT in Bangladesh. Considering all these points, the present examine makes an attempt to search out out whether or not there exists any necessity to make any change within

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