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the sin of Adam. By this he meant that, had it not been for the original transgression, all males escaping demise would either have remained upon earth or have been conveyed to heaven, like Enoch and Elijah, in incorruptible our bodies. But in reality as a penance for disobedience, all men, with these two exceptions, had suffered demise, and been exiled to the gloomy caverns of Sheol. The Mosaic ritual was powerless to free males from this repulsive doom, however it had nonetheless served a good objective in keeping males’s minds directed toward holiness, making ready them, as a schoolmaster would prepare his pupils, to receive the vitalizing truths of Christ. Now, at last, the Messiah or Christ had come as a second Adam, and being with out sin had been raised by Jehovah out of Sheol and brought up into heaven, as testimony to males that the ability of sin and dying was finally defeated. The method henceforth to keep away from dying and escape the exile to Sheol was to live spiritually like Jesus, and with him to be useless to sensual necessities. Faith, in Paul’s apprehension, was not an intellectual assent to definitely prescribed dogmas, but, as Matthew Arnold has nicely identified, it was an emotional striving after righteousness, a growing consciousness of God in the soul, similar to Jesus had possessed, or, in Paul’s phrasing, a subjugation of the flesh by the spirit. All those that ought to thus seek spiritual perfection should escape the unique curse. The Messiah was destined to return to the earth to ascertain the reign of religious holiness, in all probability throughout Paul’s personal lifetime 1 Cor. xv. 51. Then the true followers of Jesus should be clothed in ethereal bodies, free from the imperfections of “the flesh,” and may ascend to heaven with out struggling demise, while the righteous dead should on the similar time be launched from Sheol, whilst Jesus himself had been launched. The earliest dogma held by the apostles regarding Jesus was that of his resurrection from the grave after death. It was not only the earliest, but probably the most essential to the success of the new religion. Christianity might have overspread the Roman Empire, and maintained its maintain upon males’s faith till to-day, with out the dogmas of the incarnation and the Trinity; however without the dogma of the resurrection it will in all probability have failed on the very outset. Its lofty morality would not alone have sufficed to insure its success. For what males needed then, as certainly they still want, and can always want, was not merely a rule of life and a mirror to the heart, but also a complete and satisfactory theory of things, a philosophy or theosophy. The occasions demanded mental as well as moral comfort; and the disintegration of ancient theologies wanted to be repaired, that the brand new moral impulse imparted by Christianity may rest upon a plausible speculative foundation. The doctrine of the resurrection was however the starting of a series of speculative innovations which prepared the way for

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