Michael Jordan 23 All Star NBA Shirt


Michael Jordan 23 All Star NBA Shirt


Michael Jordan 23 All Star NBA Shirt
Michael Jordan 23 All Star NBA Shirt

One day, I was walking by a store and there were people coming in and out. The excitement on the faces of the customers made me curious so I went inside to see what they were doing. There was a huge booth with all sorts of things, including an NBA shirt with Michael Jordan’s number 23 written across it in blue ink. It was unbelievable! Finally I could get something that would remind me everyday how much we miss him; but when my dad found out about it he said that we couldn’t afford them because he had spent all his money on this new car for himself.

“That’s a nice shirt,” said the guy in line at the checkout. “I like Michael Jordan.”
Michael shot him an irritated look and tried to ignore him. It was bad enough that he had to wear this stupid shirt, but now everyone wanted to talk about it.
“You know, I’m pretty sure Michael’s retired,” said the cashier as she scanned his items. “But maybe you’re right!”
The guy behind them finally left and went on with his day while her continued on out of the store. He could still hear people talking about how much they loved basketball and how he should get more involved in sports activities again – probably because of his old jersey which read ‘Jordan 23’.

When I was in elementary school, my favorite shirt was the Michael Jordan 23 All Star NBA shirt. To this day, it is still my favorite shirt. My parents divorced when I was six years old and my dad had custody of me every other week until he remarried five years later. He lived an hour from where we used to live so on weekends he would pick me up from school and take me to his house for a sleepover. When he picked me up from elementary school, one Friday afternoon in December during Christmas break, I told him what happened at school that day:

“At football practice today,” I started telling him while riding in the car with him home “I won MVP!!”
I could see the

Michael Jordan 23 All Star NBA Shirt


Michael Jordan 23 All Star NBA Shirt
Michael Jordan 23 All Star NBA Shirt

“It’s not the longest story in the world, but it sure does make for a great campfire story. One summer many years ago my dad decided to take me on an adventure and we rented a camper. We were going to tent camp at first, but he wanted an easier option than sleeping on the ground for three nights so we got the camper.”
He handed me this old Nike shirt that had been taken out of storage. “I want you wear this tomorrow – it’s your lucky shirt!”
The next day we went fishing and hiking and everything else imaginable until about 5:30 when there was still only one fish caught and no luck with any other wildlife sightings either. It was hot as all heck outside

Just like I said, the NBA was my life. And it still is! But back in college, when I had no money and not a lot of time to work on perfecting my game, you could find me sitting on the bench every time we played. Michael Jordan 23 All Star NBA Shirt

I am still stitching up the last few stitches on my Michael Jordan 23 All Star NBA Shirt when I hear a knock at the door. It’s time to finally get some fresh air again so I head out of my room and swing open the front door. There are two kids standing there, one holding an envelope with the words “MMA” printed on it in bold letters. My eyes widen as they hand me their letter and walk away without saying anything else. What could this be?

“I was 18 years old and I had a lot of money. My parents always told me to be careful with it, but I didn’t listen. When my dad passed away from a heart attack, all he left for me was his car and a bunch of debt. So one day when I found this shirt online, I knew it would make everything better, so long as it came in by the time my birthday rolled around.”
Finally, the package arrived at our doorstep just before midnight on May 12th. The next morning when we got up to open presents though there were no gifts waiting for us in the living room like every other year- only two strange packages sitting unattended on our front porch. At first glance they looked

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