Saxophone Lover Ugly Christmas Sweater


Saxophone Lover Ugly Christmas Sweater
Saxophone Lover Ugly Christmas Sweater

A saxophone lover who loves the musical instrument so much that he had it on his ugly Christmas sweater.

Mia is a saxophone lover. She loves her Christmas sweater, and she was surprised when her mom bought it for her. Mia has been wearing the sweater for years now and no one else in school likes them like she does. No one makes fun of me here they say to themselves as they put on their red sweater

She opened the box, holding her breath. Slowly she inspected the musical instrument contained in it. “It’s beautiful,” she whispered to herself, carefully taking out the saxophone. All of a sudden, she realized that there was an invitation hidden behind it. Curiously, she took off the lid and discovered a message from Saxophonist Lover inside: “I really hope you love your new saxophone as much as I loved creating it for you.”

Saxophone Lover Ugly Christmas Sweater

Saxophone Lover Ugly Christmas Sweater
Saxophone Lover Ugly Christmas Sweater

I can’t believe it’s been a year since I first saw the saxophone lover ugly Christmas sweater. It was love at first sight, but then I realized that my parents had already bought me one for this holiday season. They made sure to buy an extra one in case they ran out of time before next year. As far as presents go, this is probably the best gift yet!

I’ll tell you a story about saxophone lover ugly Christmas sweaters. They’re so ugly, but they have these great designs on them- usually of a saxophone being played by Santa Clause! I remember the first time I saw one (and how gross it was) and now as an adult, I still think it’s hilarious because there’s nothing like walking around in public with such an atrocious sweater to make people laugh and talk about music!

Ella’s saxophone lover is playing some Christmas tunes in front of her office. She loves the sound so much that she takes off for lunch and buys him an ugly sweater to thank him. He gives her a hug, but Ella can’t take it because he smells really bad.

“I can’t believe my mom bought me this for Christmas.” I exclaim as I hold up the ugly sweater. “I’m not wearing it!”

The dog laughs, before her tail starts wagging with joy. She licks at my hand, begging to play fetch again. Still peeved that she brought back another ball, I throw it into the tall grasses around us and Fido runs off chasing after it. Slipping out of the cozy blanket wrapped tight around me, I stick a finger into one of the holes in my new sweater and pull out a piece of fuzz from inside before throwing myself down on the wet ground next to her. The cold seeps through but I don’t care because finally someone gets how

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