That ladies have a characteristic inclination to cherish cooking. That ladies are acceptable at performing various tasks. At any rate, I can’t and I know ladies who can’t. That ladies approve of changing their name and acclimating to everything after marriage since that is their definitive objective. Given space and backing to seek after their objectives, we truly would have more ladies improving on the professional front.

The woman the myth

This may sound crazy, however, a few groups do guarantee that ladies would be better open-minded towards cheating and don’t have their personality harmed like men. Those ladies have low sexual drive than men by and large.

Women don’t enjoy sex. women enjoy sex obviously, evolution made it pleasurable as we have sexual reproduction so that we produce more children and chances of species surviving gets higher. Thankfully we have also invented contraceptives and only take the best of what evolution has given.
Women can’t be perverts. There have been instances where women have touched me wrong and got away with it because they are females. Screw you assholes who think gender decides I
As women have been the underprivileged gender, they will always fight for equality. False. This again boils down from person to person. My mother used to beat us up and lie shouting that we are hitting up, trying to abuse women’s rights so that people come. Even when it was discovered she lies, Now The woman the myth mawmaw the legend unisex shirt nobody said any shit to her and she continued it until her children moved out. There will always be women in a bus who will ask a person to stand up because it is a “ladies reserved seat” even if that person seems weaker and tired and sweaty compared to her. There have been also instances where one lady was fighting a for because her younger cousin was sitting on her lap in ladies seat. That boy is not even a teen, an asexual stage of the human child, not even an extra seat, just sitting on his sister, and that also was turned into the ruckus.

Now The woman the myth mawmaw the legend

The woman the myth mawmaw the legend shirt

Women can’t be sexist as sexism stems from patriarchy. Like I have said before, it boils down to individuals. Soke examples of sexists, and forget regular citizens, I am speaking of social workers and activists that actually make difference on the ground, not just liking FB status… they have been sexists too. My Gf (now my wife) met gf of my Sofia worker friend and that girl brainwashed my girlfriend. See, we all believe women should wear whatever they want after marriage, but she convinced and brainwashed me of saying that it doesn’t apply for men, I just cut my long hair (which was 3ce the length of this jealous jackass) because Now The woman the myth mawmaw the legend unisex shirt after marriage what my wife feels should be more important. Double standard jealousy. We had broken up until she came back 2 months later and apologized agreeing on her hypocrisy. This also goes with educated liberal females, who wear men’s clothes, but judge men who wear women’s or have long hair… or forget that even the ones who are heterosexual but have same piercings as the girls or just a black nail paint which the bassist thought will look cooler.

Now The woman the myth mawmaw the legend unisex shirt

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