Some were, some were not. Generally, the smaller ones, like the Type 15, 15A, and 16 shuttle pods, did not have warp capability. Larger ones, like the Type 6 and Type 7 personnel shuttles and the Type 9A cargo shuttle, had warp drive, though only to a maximum of Warp 2 or thereabouts. All of these types might have been carried aboard the Enterprise-D.

Star Trek Deep Space Nine

For completeness, we should also mention the Enterprise-D’s captain’s yacht (the Calypso), which we never actually got to see on the show but was docked to the lower side of the saucer section. Despite being an impressively named vessel, it was only capable of sublight speeds (0.65c). It could be undocked from the starship at velocities up to Warp 7 but was not capable of sustained warp flight.

The Defiant was capable of carrying up to four small shuttle pods, which were limited to impulse travel only, and one Type 10 shuttlecraft (the Chaffee), which could reach Warp 5.

Voyager carried some of the same types of shuttlecraft as the New Star Trek Deep Space Nine DS9 20 Logo Enterprise-D, and also the Tom Paris-designed Delta Flyer, which could reach Warp 6 and was very much like a Danube-class runabout in its capabilities. Also, Voyager had its own equivalent of the captain’s yacht, the aero shuttle, which was capable of Warp 5. (Another thing we never actually got to see on TV.)
Most of the shuttles we saw were capable of low warp factors (warp 3–5), but not all were. Figuring out which ones could go to warp and which ones can’t is fairly easy, as is determining how fast they can go: all one needs to do is look for the nacelles!

To start here’s an easy one: the Class F shuttle from TOS:
Big warp nacelles that are almost as long as the shuttle itself show that this boxy little classic is not only warped capable but also something of a hot rod. These things could match the cruising speed of a Constitution-class starship in a pinch – at least for a little while. They apparently built these babies with fuel tanks roughly the size of a party balloon.

A deflated party balloon.

New Star Trek Deep Space Nine DS9 20 Logo

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So now that we’ve covered that one, time to look at something a little bit newer:
We never actually got a New Star Trek Deep Space Nine DS9 20 Logo name to the successor to the class F, but we did see them being loaded into the refit Enterprise’s shuttlebay (and they even kept the names Galileo and Copernicus.) What’s interesting to note is that they’re quite clearly not warp-capable on their own, but can attach to a warp sled with nacelles (and a fuel tank) even larger than the shuttle itself. Clearly, someone took the criticisms regarding the previous model’s fuel tank to heart but wasn’t quite ready to give up the fifth row of bucket seats to put the fuel inside the cabin.

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