Although this question has been answered several times, I’d like to say that I love roller coasters yet I hated big ones due to the drop feeling in my stomach. I absolutely hate it and it always ruined the experience. Recently I discovered a way to prevent it pretty much completely.

Living with fibro

Don’t clench your stomach or hold your stomach and close your eyes. It only makes it worse and the only thing you feel and think of is the feeling of it. Here’s how to stop it.

As the drop is coming or happens, try and lift yourself from your seat. Of course, being secured and strapped in, it’ll be safe. Lifting yourself just a little bit off the seat will stop it all and you can enjoy the drop instead. Raising your hands and screaming will also take your mind off it a bit too if you’re nervous about feeling it. You might feel the butterflies a little if you start sitting/touching your seat.

To sum it up, just lift yourself off your seat as much as you can and raise your hands and/or scream to take your mind off of the NEW Living with fibro is like being on a rollercoaster feeling if it happens to still be there. Doing this has helped me so much and I’m not scared to go on massive rides with huge drops anymore.
I don’t find roller coasters scary, per se, but it has been a while since I have been on one, a big first drop can be slightly unsettling to my stomach.

The solution is pretty simple for me – ride a few smaller rides first. There aren’t very many coasters that I need to warm up to, but if it’s a 200+ foot ride with a steep drop, it’s probably not going to be the first coaster I ride.

As for being scared, why? They are really safe. The fatality rate on roller coasters is about 1 in 750 000 000, and most fatalities are due to riders that shouldn’t be on the ride in the first place. There’s nothing to be afraid of. You’re strapped in and not going anywhere. The old wooden coasters with loose lap bars aren’t going to throw you out unless you literally climb out, and modern rides with modern restraints certainly won’t.

Living with fibro is like being on a rollercoaster

Living with fibro is like being on a rollercoaster shirt

I do find excessive hang time uncomfortable – I went on a loopy ride last year that dangled you for a good 7–8 seconds or so and that was more uncomfortable than anything else. But there’s no reason to be afraid.
Scream and laugh like your life depends on it. Don’t try to resist the drop, it will only make it worse, just feel it and enjoy it. You will not be able to get rid of that feeling, but laughing and screaming will calm it down. Remember the drop won’t be long and you can enjoy the NEW Living with fibro is like being on a rollercoaster rest of the ride. I personally like that feeling, every time I visit an amusement park I have to ride Atmosfear at least 4 times to enjoy the feeling and the view especially when it’s sunset.

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