Manual vacuum cleaner industry

In this article, we would like to share a few notes when industrial vacuum – the

vacuum cleaner line, high-speed and powerful suction toilet faster. Correct

use of these products will increase the efficiency of sanitation and extend the

life of the machine. 

Industrial vacuum cleaner suitable for any application? 

Since capacity vacuuming large, efficient cleaning fast and power saving up to

all kinds of vacuum cleaner industry is very suitable for use in: 

The company operates in the field of sanitation services for industrial and

commercial Commerce. 

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  • The construction company. 
  • Companies handling asbestos waste 
  • companies Waste Lead 
  • Company Garments 
  • Co. production and food processing 
  • company handles chemicals
  • Company cleaning air ducts 
  • companies producing furniture 
  • shop car or have to deal with brake dust and harmful chemicals 
  • plant services business cleaning equipment and handle all spills 
  • Equipment medical, research facility and laboratory equipment for clean room environments.

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Schools and government buildings, 
military facilities and families with a wide area.

Note: With industrial vacuum cleaner sucked dry just the environment used at most offices, wood processing companies, companies make cakes …. where there is a lot of dust emission. The cleaning company also commonly used types of industrial vacuum cleaners to serve the office carpet cleaning services. If your company’s waste more water solution or chemical spills like … then you should buy a medium vacuum will absorb water better fit. the best vacuum for hardwood floors
Step 1: Prepare the accessories to vacuum 
accessories are: table vacuum cleaner to wide areas, a straw stuck to smoking areas or angled slot. Machines industrial vacuum sucked dry usually have more paper bags to contain the dust, after attaching the carrying dust into the machine you put floor dust filter (function prevents dust from escaping) into the machine, then mounted locomotive into the camera body, and conduct electricity pinned vacuuming.

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Dry vacuum cleaner with water you just check to make sure the dust container from being overfilled containers. Check the filter to make sure it is regular cleaning or replacement đùng periodically. When vacuuming you remember smoking receding back and sucked from the inside out. 

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Check spare before the vacuuming. include: table vacuum (Table suction eyelashes), head broom round, nozzle angle, paper bags or cloth bags, pipe duct, pipe stainless steel … 
– With the dry vacuum you attach paper bags or cloth bags in vacuum cleaner. 
– Place the filter bed dust into the machine 
– Mounting the engine in the camera body. 
– Check wires, plugs, switches the machine before use. 
– Make sure the machine has a switch in the off mode (off) before the wall socket (generally applicable to unplug from the wall socket)
– Plug in, turn on the machine. 
Principle when vacuuming industrial vacuum power class and the design is not too big: 
Vacuuming the principle remotely close. Gentle manipulation, head straight, short gesture, put the machine back and forth. 
Use the brush nozzle to suck in dust on a large surface. 
To achieve the highest efficiency, require appropriate separate nozzle (first rectangular, flat head, round head) to suck the corners, slots, grooves, curtains, sofas and furniture fabric. 
Smoking finished moving objects on the original location. 
For industrial vacuum cleaners will not only use a vacuum cleaner on wet surfaces or water, can cause touch circuits or circuit fault. 
For vacuum cleaner water, always note should suck water tank 1/2, should go flush.
Smoking garbage, sharp objects or objects of equal size (or larger) straw.

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