Manual upright vacuum cleaner

Now the vacuum cleaner are quite useful widgets is and the need for the housewife at work cleaning up and cleaning the House. But in fact, a lot of users don’t operate properly again or use the wrong features of vacuum cleaners. To understand the features and how to use we can refer to the article below.

Note: before using the vacuum cleaner, everyone should read the user guide to learn about the characteristics and functions of the machine.

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Using the hand held vacuum cleaners

This is a small vacuum line, use rechargeable batteries and do not use the cord should be quite compact and convenient for all users. This type is quite suitable to be used lightly as dust dust types-in books, in places such as the roof of the Cabinet, the altar or sanitation cars, electronic equipment. In addition, the type of this vacuum cleaner can be a dry dust and liquid. However not suitable for vacuuming floors and mats, cotton, sucking, 
This is the kind of Bosch vacuum cleaners currently favored many clients on the market
How to use a portable vacuum cleaner type consists of the following basic steps:
-First open dust parts on the body and insert the dust box into.
-You need to select first-, fire-, … for the needs of use.
-Plug the power, select the On/Off button with two symbols on the handle when in use.
-Put your surfing slightly on the surface need vacuuming.
-If there is a paper bin is located in the air, you can remove the head Assembly the head and blow into the machine to use.

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Using the vacuum cleaner horizontal or vertical

Vertical vacuum cleaner
Pros: Has the top-rear with adjustable buttons, long flexible tube and you can easily move it around the room.
Refer to a number of prestigious brands such as: bagless vacuum cleaners, Goldsun Blustone, Zemel, Panasonic

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    Horizontal vacuum cleaners
    + Very convenient to pull off drag on to clean the store location and other large areas.
    + Has a height adjustment system, convenient for cleaning under furniture and using the template to have extra brushes can clean skirting
    Some types of dust stood quite popular as: Panasonic, Saiko, Philips, Hitachi, 

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Cold Bluestone dust very modern designs
How to use the vacuum cleaner:
-When inserting the head-first into the air intake holes right position until hearing the then newly separated. And to remove the hose, press the button to open the tube and pull the pipe out of the hole.
-Insert the suction connection with and handles the table-carpets, with the remaining connection nozzle. Depending on which you want to insert the long or short.
-Electrical Plugs to start the machine. Note the button on/off on the air.
-You can adjust the suction power by opening or closing the drag button on the handle.
-Regularly check the top brushes and nozzle to make sure is not the garbage inside


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